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Performing complete SEO audits have never been easier. Here’s all that you need to reach the top of Google and increase Website traffic.

SEO Monitoring

Protect your SEO 24/7

Google Penalties

Avoid any Google penalty

Website Errors

Detect any crawling & content issues

Website architecture

Build a high-quality site structure

Spy your competitors

Uncover your competitor’s SEO strategy

Crawl Budget

Smart crawl efficiency

Data visualization

Get a clear picture of your web performance

Mobile SEO

Optimize your website for mobile

Track more than 250 SEO metrics and receive alerts when any change is detected. Compare the crawls launched in different periods of time or with the competitors’ websites.

Crawl a website up to 20M pages to deeply understand the site’s architecture and identify any SEO issues.

Perform a server log analysis up to 1,200M pages to understand how search engines bots see and interact with a website.

Enrich your data with the most powerful SEO tools in the market today and obtain unique and personalized data by activating these integrations.

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Analyze your blog’s SEO health and performance with our tools. Use our tips to execute the strategies that will make you stand out in your industry.



Effortlessly run complete audits on your clients’ websites and seamlessly work on more than 10 projects at once.



Manage multiple projects and provide your clients with the best solutions by executing key actions and improving their website performance.

Large companies

Large Companies

Monitor your website and keep track of all existing issues, improve your site’s content and architecture and see how you compare to your competition.

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