FandangoSEO, the Screaming Frog Alternative

FandangoSEO is an all-in-one SEO tool to perform in-depth audits. Here's why it is the best alternative to Screaming Frog.

Are you looking for a top Screaming Frog alternative? If you are not entirely satisfied with this tool, as it can be somewhat limited, we recommend look for another option. Here are eight reasons why FandangoSEO is a better choice for SEO website audits.

Features Comparison

FandangoSEO is a cloud crawler

Screaming Frog is a desktop crawler that consumes your memory and CPU, something to take into account, especially for large websites. Plus, if you want to share a report with your client or colleague, you need to download a file and send it.

FandangoSEO has an Alert System

SEO monitoring is a persistent task that can certainly be time-consuming if you don't have the right tool. FandangoSEO makes your work easier by sending you any metric change on your site. Plus, you can configure the alert system to receive the changes that most interest you. Using Screaming Frog, you have to do the monitoring manually, which takes time and effort.

FandangoSEO allows you to segment your crawled pages

You can segment your crawled pages with FandangoSEO to audit specific categories and page types. This way, you know which areas of your website need to be optimized versus the individual pages you would see with screaming Frog. Breaking the results into categories streamlines and fastens the analysis process.

FandangoSEO’s Log Analyzer is real-time

Unlike Screaming Frog, FandangoSEO's log analyzer works in real-time. This means that you can see how GoogleBot is currently behaving on your site. Also, FandangoSEO allows you to compare log files from different dates to identify relevant changes.

FandangoSEO has Robots.txt monitoring

It is crucial to constantly monitor the robots.txt file because an accidental change can cause Google to stop indexing relevant pages of your site. FandangoSEO detects any change in the robots.txt while Screaming Frog does not have this option.

FandangoSEO uses NLP to help you upgrade your SEO content

The NLP ideation feature from FandangoSEO uses machine learning to provide you with a list of relevant keywords you should be using on your pages. This not only helps you improve your ranking position on search results but you’ll also get content ideas to build effective topic clusters.

FandangoSEO has Duplicate Content checker

Using the Duplicate Content checker from FandangoSEO, you can instantly detect those pages with a high risk of being considered duplicates by search engines. This enables you to take the necessary measures to avoid indexing issues. FandangoSEO is currently the only tool that has this functionality in the industry.

FandangoSEO creates visually appealing custom reports

FandangoSEO produces attractive and comprehensible reports. You can create custom reports to quickly explain your SEO audits to your customers, colleagues or boss. Screaming Frog doesn’t have visual reporting capabilities.

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FandangoSEO allows you to perform deeper SEO audits and generate visual reports quickly. The website segmentation enables you to digest and manage your SEO data more efficiently and spot unique SEO insights right away.

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