Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% revenue share for every customer you refer to us

FandangoSEO is an All-in-one SEO platform helping +1000 companies increase their website traffic.

How much could you earn?

We’ve helped over 1000 companies to increase their web traffic so far! FandangoSEO is an intuitive and easy-to-use SEO tool with guidelines and tips incorporated in each of its sections so that anyone can get the most out of it. The application allows performing in-depth SEO analysis to find improvement opportunities and fix any issues that may damage web performance. Our primary users are bloggers, SEO freelancers, agencies, and enterprises that want to keep their Websites on the top of SERPs. We are proud to see them achieve their goals day after day!


Seeing many of our clients recommending us and becoming our valued brand advocates, we wanted to reward them somehow. That’s why we created our referral program with which you can earn up to 20% per referral. By joining us, you’ll not only have some extra money, but you’ll also feel confident in recommending a Top SEO tool that helps increase conversion rates! Anyone who wants to improve web visibility and raise their revenue will thank you!


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Why Join the FandangoSEO Affiliate Program?

How can you refer to users?

Choose your favourite way and start making money!

How do I see my earnings?

You’ll have access to a referral dashboard where you’ll see the number of users who have registered and the commissions you’ve earned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose your favourite way and start making money!


FandangoSEO is a powerful all-in-one SEO platform that has helped over 1000 companies increase their website traffic. It is one of the most complete SEO tools in the market today which facilitates high-quality audits.

With the referral program you will not only earn money but you’ll also help your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to perform in-depth Web performance analysis in no time. 


By joining our program you’ll be able to generate referral links from any FandangoSEO Website page. These links contain your affiliate ID that tracks how visitors came to our site. You’ll receive up to 20% commission when a visitor that comes through your referral link becomes a customer by purchasing any of the FandangoSEO packages.


Setting up an account is really easy and completely free! Go to the signup form and fill all the fields. Please make sure that you register with the same email address you use as a user on FandangoSEO. You’ll receive a confirmation email once you have been approved for membership.


It is totally free! There are no upfront fees to join the referral program. You only need to be a FandangoSEO user having purchased any of our packages.


Sky is your limit! You can refer to as many users as you want using your referral link, and get up to 20% commission on each purchase!


You can promote FandangoSEO anywhere you can share your affiliate link. Share it on your Blog, Website, YouTube Channel, and any other social network. You can also send it individually to your friends through WhatsApp conversations, emails, or any other way you can think of.


Once you register, you’ll have access to your referral dashboard, where you’ll find all the details of your referral sales. You’ll get a report with the number of users registered through your referral account and your commissions.


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