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24/7 SEO monitoring with proactive alerts. Avoid any sudden traffic or ranking drop with constant monitoring.

FandangoSEO's Monitoring Tool

Spot any critical SEO issues before search engines do

Get email notifications with helpful tips and relevant metric changes

Track GoogleBots movements in live

Obtain segmented monitored results to get in-depth SEO insights

Keep a close eye on your Website’s Core Web Vitals performance

Create automated alerts that suit your needs

Why use an SEO monitoring tool?

Websites are constantly changing to be in sync with your business. Not to mention the ecommerce platforms where you need to update the product pages continually. Monitoring website changes is vital for SEO as a slight modification can impact the overall website performance in SERPs. 

Because prevention is always better than cure, effective SEO monitoring is the best way to avoid sudden traffic and rankings drop on your website.


Why FandangoSEO?

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24/7 Monitoring System

Spot any critical SEO issue before search engines do

FandangoSEO was born to perform exhaustive Website monitoring. It tracks more than 250 metrics 24/7 and in real-time from crawls, logs, and integrations.

Stay constantly updated to maintain your SEO health. We’ll notify you of SEO errors, crawlability, and performance issues so you can address them before it negatively impacts your search rankings.


Automatic Alerts

Receive proactive email notifications with relevant metric changes

By using FandangoSEO, you’ll automatically receive email notifications by email with SEO metric changes.

You can configure the type of alert you want to receive according to your needs – metric changes with high, medium, or low impact on SEO performance.

Also, you can choose the magnitude of the metrics changes by which you want to be warned (large, medium, or minor changes) and the frequency of these notifications (daily, weekly, monthly, or anytime the system detects a change).

Custom Alerts

Create automated alerts that suit your needs

If you want to monitor a specific metric more closely create a Custom Alert.

Select any metric and ask to be notified when its rate increases or decreases. You can also specify the exact percentage of the change rate from which you want to be notified.

This can be helpful while you are working on certain aspects of your website. For example, if you’ve decided to create lots of new content for your blog, you’ll need to keep an eye on metrics such as “avg. num of words”, “short titles”, “duplicates Hs”, “empty meta descriptions”, etc.

Otherwise, if you are working on a new project with your developers, perhaps you want to track metrics like “redirects 302”, “page not found (404)”, “pages with server errors”, etc

SEO Segments

Obtain segmented monitored results to get in-depth SEO insights

At FandangoSEO, you can configure customized segments of your web pages. This way, you can see your monitoring, crawl, and log data results by segment (page type, section, and page depth level).

Tracking your web performance by segments will allow you to detect improvement opportunities faster. Also, you’ll be able to see the progress of each area of your site in a more accurate way.

Keep a close eye on your Website’s Core Web Vitals performance

Website speed is an apparent Google ranking factor. Additionally, stats have shown that it directly impacts conversion rates. That’s why FandangoSEO measures and tracks your Core Web Vitals performance closely.

Monitor and check the performance for each Core Web Vitals metrics type (FCP, LCP, FID, CLS) and also by your web page segments. Thus, you’ll be able to quickly spot the areas of your site in need of improvement.

Track GoogleBots movements in live

See how GoogleBot crawls your site in real-time through the log analyzer. You’ll be able to verify if the search engine visits your most relevant pages or if you need to take action to optimize your crawl budget. 

Perform log monitoring effortlessly. We make complex logs data easy to understand with visual graphics and tables.

SEO Opportunities Using Monitoring

Avoid sudden traffic drop

Get notified about any critical SEO issue that can damage your website performance.

Detect crawlability issues

See how Google crawls your site in real-time and verify if it’s spending the crawl budget efficiently.

Increase productivity

Save time and effort by automating the SEO monitoring.

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