SEO Log Analyzer

Why do you need an SEO Log Analyzer?

One of the key functionalities of FandangoSEO is the SEO Log Analyzer.

SEO experts read the web server logs to understand the robot’s behavior on a website. Therefore, our goal is to make things easier for both the search engines and the SEO specialists, as we acknowledge that reading log files isn’t easy when we count with thousands and millions of lines.

That’s why we’ve created a tool to quickly explore what’s being found by the bots and understand how Google and other search engines interact with a website.

All you have to do is upload the log file to the log analyzer and start discovering if your SEO strategy is effective. You can also use the comparison tool to contrast the log analyzer with the web crawler results and see what you must improve to deliver a well-optimized website.


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What can you see with the Log analyzer?


Segment by PageTypes or Sections to extract any desired log data. You’ll visualize specific log information for the selected areas of your website.

Alerts & Monitoring

Monitor your logs and receive email alerts automatically when FandangoSEO detects changes. Check the different statuses that your web pages are returning to GoogleBot. Make sure that you don’t have an error that hampers the bot from crawling effectively.

Top visited pages by the GoogleBot

See which pages receive more visits from the bots. This will help you understand which ones are considered the most relevant by the search engines. Make sure your most strategic pages are found among those.

Errors (4XX, 5XX)

Identify the errors that affect your website’s visibility and navigation, such as not found or server errors. Correct them to make sure your webpage doesn’t deliver any harmful response code to the search engines.

Redirects (3XX)

Visualize how the GoogleBot is redirected throughout your website. Eliminate unnecessary paths to prevent wasting your crawl budget and slowing down your loading speed.

Orphan pages

With the log analyzer, you’ll be able to identify pages that are no longer receiving a link from your website. This feature can help you recover quality content and strengthen your internal linking strategy.

Daily crawl budget

By understanding how the bots interact with your website, you’ll be able to optimize your daily budget. For example, you’ll be able to identify the best way to adjust the interlinking structure and reduce your website architecture depth.


See how search engines crawl your website through mobile. You will have individual Log information for desktop and mobile. Our tool accepts Logs from Apache, Nginx, and W3C Extended Log File Format.


Get a historical view of your log data. Visualize the bot’s behavior on your site over time and identify which of your SEO strategies are most effective.


See what GoogleBot is currently crawling on your site. Verify that a web migration is running smoothly with real-time monitoring.


Compare log data from different dates to identify changes. See if Google has crawled one area of your site more than another or if there have been improvements after updating your SEO strategy.

Custom Reports

Generate custom log data reports in no time. Select the desired data (log URL, load time, status, date…) to create specific log reports automatically. You can add and combine as many filters as you want.


How do I set up the log analyzer

To activate the Log Analyzer on FandangoSEO, you’ll need to have an M or L plan active, and the rest is very simple.

You’ve got two options: You can either upload your log file directly to our platform or fill in your FTP data with the route to find the file, and we’ll take care of setting it up.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to explore all the opportunities you’ve been missing and start optimizing your crawl budget.

To have more accurate insights, we recommend adding PageTypes and Sections in the configuration field to categorize your pages. To classify your site for the Log Analyzer, you’ll need to use regular expressions, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them. We will assist you in the setup.



Use FandangoSEO’s Segmentation to Take Your Crawl and Log Data to a Whole New Level

Try it Free for 14 Days

Full access to all our features. No obligations whatsoever.

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