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Managing several accounts for different clients can sometimes be a bit overwhelming: We need to deliver SEO audits in no time, identify on-page elements and fix errors, correct website structures, create interlinking strategies that drive more traffic, show fast results, etc.

All these processes need to be optimal for you and your coworkers, especially intuitive, clear, and of course, extremely useful for you and your clients. This is why you need to choose the best SEO tool.

What’s the best SEO tool for agencies?

FandangoSEO is an SEO crawler that enables your agency to keep numerous accounts fully tracked. It allows you to perform in-depth SEO analysis, fix crawl errors, check the architecture of websites with millions of pages, and much more!

Born in Barcelona, the web crawler and log analyzer were created by SEO experts with more than ten years of experience optimizing top eCommerce and Newspapers in Spain and Europe.

What are the key benefits for your agency?

  • Save time
    Navigate easily through the dashboard to get a quick overview of what needs to be fixed and how you can improve the current status. The intuitive use of our tool will give you spare time to execute the SEO and content strategies, and even pitch to more clients!
  • Take on more accounts
    We enable you to crawl up to 20.000.000 pages and for 100 projects at the same time, per month! This is quite a significant amount for your SEO company to fit your biggest and smallest accounts -all at once- while keeping up the excellence in your SEO services. If this isn’t enough for your company, there are more plans that may suit your needs.
  • Provide key solutions
    An agency’s priority is to deliver key strategies, whether you’re doing SEO consultancy or actually executing the actions. With FandangoSEO you will obtain the most valuable solutions for your clients’ websites.
  • Handle outstanding reports
    Customize all your downloads. Pick the data you find more interesting to your clients and personalize it before handing it in, with any periodicity. You will present visual reports that are easy to understand, relevant and based on a complete website analysis.
  • Involve less team members
    We are very conscious of time management, and this is why we want to help your SEO company minimize your resources on website analysis. Thanks to the easy navigation and understandable solutions for your accounts, you won’t need to get too many people involved in this part of the optimization, especially designers working on reporting.
  • Educate your clients to understand SEO
    Explaining SEO issues or strategies isn’t always easy: We know how it works but our clients may have a long way to understanding our industry, and sometimes they’ll choose not to invest in this channel. Provide clever solutions to your clients’ doubts adding some graphics to your SEO reports for more visual clarification.

What can FandangoSEO do for your accounts?

  • Fix crawl errors
    With this SEO checker you can conduct a technical SEO audit to spot all the errors of the client’s website such as broken links, wrong redirects or 404 and also get recommendations on how to fix the issues, create and download customized reports and follow up with the changes thanks to the comparison tool.
  • Optimize the site’s content
    With a clear overview of the content status, you will deliver great SEO copywriting tips. Easily optimize all the on-page SEO elements, such as metas, tags and keyword density. Correct duplicate content and extend the length if a text is too short for the search engines.
  • Balance the architecture
    Understand the website architecture and learn how to improve it in order to ease the user’s and search engines’ navigation throughout the site. Thanks to our intuitive and visual graphics, you will picture the distribution of the internal links, which will help you balance their weight and optimize the crawl budget.
  • A better interlinking
    Find out all about your inlinks and outlinks: from the anchor texts used to refer to those pages until which ones receive more inlinks or which have less authority. Our log analyzer will also help you find uncrawled and orphan pages that might be added to your interlinking structure.
  • Create sitemaps
    Generating sitemaps has never been so easy for an SEO agency. You just need a few minutes to create an HTML sitemap ready to upload to your page. You can also generate XML sitemaps for your site in the blink of an eye.
  • Optimize for mobile
    You can also do all the above for the mobile version of your site: Learn about your mobile architecture and push your mobile SEO rankings. FandangoSEO will help you assemble AMP for your website.
  • Crawl security protocols HTTPS
    Track different versions of your site, including the HTTPS one. We will help you set it up and make the most of its function to provide safe websites and eCommerce.


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