SEO Competitive Analysis

Get valuable SEO insights from those sites ranking at the top of Google search results. Here's the easiest way to run a quick and comprehensive analysis of your competitors' websites.

The comparison tool for SEO

Learn from comparing your crawls

FandangoSEO is a powerful SEO competitive analysis tool. You can compare your website to different scenarios and get a realistic idea of where your website is and what you can do to improve your SEO strategy.

You can compare your latest crawl with previous ones to track your progress. Also, spy on your competitors’ SEO techniques to get unique insights.

Why use FandangoSEO's Comparison tool?

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Compare with previous crawls

View the evolution of what you’ve done on your website by looking through previous crawls that are stored in our database. Cross the information of the new results of your website with the old ones, get bragging rights and be proud of the progress you’ve made thanks to your on-page SEO actions.

Compare log files with your crawled pages

Crossed data analysis between crawl results and log files data lets you verify if search bots behave on your site as you wish. This feature also allows you to detect orphan pages. Quickly find any crawlability issues and improve your website indexability.

Compare your sitemap pages with the crawled ones

Contrast the pages listed on your sitemaps with the result pages of your crawls. Identify SEO opportunities, rule out the less crawled pages and restructure them in relevant categories.

Remember the benefits of optimizing your sitemaps: You are attributing specific authority to a page by reducing its navigation depth while, at the time, sending more traffic. Provide compelling and relevant sitemaps using our sitemap generator for HTML and XML.

Analyze your competitors' SEO strategies

Are you wondering how to analyze your competitor's SEO strategy? You only need to use the adequate SEO competitive analysis tool!

Using FandangoSEO, you'll understand why your competitors outrank you on specific keywords, are rapidly increasing the number of ranking keywords, or their average positioning. Perhaps they apply a very aggressive internal linking strategy or have many landing pages. Just observe, compare, and take action to beat their numbers. We invite you to spy on 1 to 5 competitors based on your chosen plan, or even more if you get a customized XL plan.

Benefits of an SEO comparison tool

Find why there are competitors that rank above you in Google search results. Learn their best SEO strategies and get unique insights to boost your rankings.

Spot orphan pages and those pages crawled by FandangoSEO that GoogleBot does not visit. Identify why this is happening and take the necessary actions to make all your content search-friendly.

Check if your SEO strategy works properly by comparing crawls from different periods. Identify any issues and fix them before they affect your website traffic.

Try it Free for 14 Days

Full access to all our features

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