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As you know in order to optimize your search results it is crucial to work both Onsite and Offsite SEO. FandangoSEO will help you improve your Onsite SEO while the integrations will enrich your data with vital information for your SEO performance.

You can easily integrate FandangoSEO with the most popular and powerful SEO tools in the market today. Get updated and useful information from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SISTRIX and SEMrush. The knowledge that you can obtain from FandangoSEO + these integrations is the best weapon to effectively monitor and boost your SEO.


FandangoSEO’s Integrations


Google AnalyticsAdd relevant information to your data integrating GA, such as the most visited pages or the behavior of your website’s users.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Search Console
Obtain valuable information from GSC such as total clicks, impressions, Click Through Rate and your average position.

Google Search Console Integration

Check your site’s keywords and SISTRIX visibility index.

SISTRIX Integration

Monitor your ranking position and any changes in your SEO visibility using SEMrush integration.

SEMrush Integration



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