SEO Crawler

Why do you need an SEO web crawler?

Crawl your website to get a deep understanding of your site’s architecture. Analyze your content profile and fetch the key on-page SEO elements to ensure excellent performance.

We created a fast crawler that provides visual and comprehensive reports to offer you a fun and very useful analyzing experience. Gather your SEO details presented in an intuitive dashboard: all in one place and with many comparison possibilities to let you explore all the data.

This crawler works fantastically for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs. From new bloggers who want to take on the Internet to big corporations with multiple websites. Former freelancers created the platform with agency experience, so the needs of this public are also more than covered!

What can you do with the SEO crawler?

  • Understand the navigation depth and the distribution of your inlinks and outlinks.
  • Audit your content to spot duplicates, correct meta tags, adjust titles and optimize texts.
  • Identify and fix response codes, page status, and common errors like broken links (404).
  • Find redirects, assign or correct canonicals, track hreflang attributes and rel=“next” and rel=“prev.”
  • Get a complete picture of your internal linking structure with our Crawl Maps.
  • Compare your crawls to the SEO Log Analyzer to detect orphan and unindexed pages that may complete your website architecture.
  • Set up and monitor your HTTPS website versions.
  • Obtain and structure all the information you need from an intuitive platform to present outstanding SEO audits.
  • Monitor all the on-page SEO elements of your website to provide periodical reports.
  • Check the most suitable plan for your type of business, and add as many projects as you need, with a large amount of crawled pages.

The benefits of crawling a website

  • Optimize your crawl budget
    After understanding your website’s architecture and navigation depth, you’ll be able to adjust the internal linking structure. This way, you’ll ease the crawl of the bots and get more pages indexed. Also, you can generate HTML and XML sitemaps with just one click.
  • Increase rankings
    Thanks to the extended analysis, you’ll get key recommendations on website optimization that will boost your site’s traffic. Compare your pages to the competitors’ to execute a more competitive strategy.
  • Acquire more SEO revenue
    Using FandangoSEO, you’ll maximize the potential of your top-performing pages and push the less exploited. We connect the data with Google Analytics so that you can cross performance info with the crawls.
  • Minimize analyzing and reporting efforts
    We are very proud of offering a very user-friendly platform.  It was designed to help you save time and let you focus on executing the SEO strategies. You’ll be able to present convincing business cases and fantastic reports with our data.

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