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We’ve all been there: Large website with several categories, multiple landing pages generated by other teams, sometimes even customer-generated content that goes uncontrolled, or just former strategies that made you lose control over the real structure of your company’s website.
Don’t worry, you just need a tool powerful enough to crawl all your pages, run complete SEO audits and help you implement all the technical SEO and content optimizations required to beat your competitors.

What’s the best SEO tool for a company website?

At this point, we are quite confident you have already given a chance to some web crawlers and log analyzers. If not, welcome to this magnificent world of fun and deep website analysis and clear SEO reports!

FandangoSEO is the newest tool to help companies master search engine optimization audits. With the latest technology and intuitive interface, you can crawl your site and track all the changes quickly and comfortably.

What are the key benefits for a big website?

  • Control all your sites
    You can crawl all your domains and subdomains as the L plan lets you crawl up to 1.800.000 pages along 10 different projects. If your company needs the SEO checker to analyze many more pages, please get in touch with us for a customized plan.
  • Export everything you need
    Download all the pages that you need to get fixed for your SEO reports. You don’t need to save them to track the changes, as we will let you compare your crawls to their former status to see the impact of your strategies.
  • Convince with optimal reports
    If you’re an in-house SEO specialist, you’ll want to show off to your managers and colleagues the improvements you made on the website’s performance, thanks to your optimizations. The results of the crawls are presented in a very comprehensive and complete way, so you can also use this data to help your managers understand the main issues when requesting resources to fix them.
  • Dig into your competitors’ websites
    Together with your site’s SEO analysis, you can check the status of your 5 biggest competitors. Understand if they outrank you because of a smarter interlinking strategy or because of more qualitative content. Looking at their web pages will help you execute highly competitive actions.
  • Don’t miss a single page
    Large websites are sometimes difficult to handle due to their fast growth, as many teams create landings for different purposes. Use the log analyzer to fish the orphan pages that haven’t been indexed nor linked from your site and add them to your structure if they’re relevant or fit in your strategy.

What can FandangoSEO do for my company?

  • Provide a smart architecture
    Understand your corporation’s website architecture in every detail and in a very visual and complete way with this website crawler. The intuitive graphs will help you optimize the navigation of your users and the search engines. Easily picture the distribution of the internal links and balance their weight to optimize the crawl budget.
  • Offer a strategic internal linking
    Get the full list of the inlinks and outlinks of any page you choose. You’ll also obtain all the anchor texts used in your website and see what pages require more or less authority in terms of link juice. With this tool, you won’t miss a single uncrawled or orphan page.
  • Optimize your content
    SEO copywriting is essential for your company’s website. Obtain a clear overview of your content status to conduct a fast and easy on page SEO. Correct metas, tags and the text’s length, as well as the placement of the canonical tags to erase your duplicate content.
  • Organize your sitemaps
    We made sitemaps generation really easy. It will take you just a few minutes to create an HTML sitemap that’s ready to be uploaded to your page. Also, you can generate XML sitemaps in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Fix crawl errors
    This SEO web crawler will help you detect all kinds of errors, like broken links, wrong redirects or 404, among others. FandangoSEO will provide you with the top recommendations to help you fix them. To ease the process, you can create and download customized reports and follow up with the changes using the comparison tool.
  • Support your mobile strategy
    Enjoy all the desktop features also to improve your mobile SEO strategy: Understand your mobile architecture to push your rankings and generate AMP for your most relevant content and services.
  • Assist in your HTTPS pages
    Include the HTTPS version of your site. If you haven’t got one yet, we will help you set it up and make the most of its functionalities to enjoy a safe website.

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