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FandangoSEO gives you the necessary information to help you take over all the search rankings with a clean, balanced and strong website. Start exploring your data and define the optimization strategy that will maximize your website’s performance and increase your sales.

Fix errors
Use our tool to track response codes and view the information that will allow you to resolve them.
Export the affected pages to ease the process, and track their evolution comparing them to previous crawls.
Spot and fix major technical errors to benefit from a healthy website.

  • SEO Alerts to avoid errors
  • Find and track broken links
  • Fix 404 errors
  • Detect 301 and 302 redirects to avoid redirect chains
  • Assign and fix canonicals, hreflang and much more

Architecture information
View how pages are distributed in your website and see if you’ve got a balanced site architecture.
This information will help you fix your internal linking structure so you can spread the link juice as evenly throughout a website as possible while reducing navigation depth.

  • Visualize architecture maps and identify any potential problems with your site architecture.
  • Pagetype & Sections Segments to understand better your SEO.
  • Find uncrawled and orphan pages using our Log Analyzer

Internal links
Analyze, adjust the interlinking of your website to make the most of your crawl budget and make sure your anchor texts are relevant to search engines.
Easily spot if your top pages are receiving the right authority or if the link juice is spread out towards less relevant pages.

  • Analyze your anchor texts
  • Study your inlink profile to adjust your interlinking strategy
  • Detect outlinks and list them down in full detail
  • Analyze and optimize your crawl budget

Content optimization
Identify if your website content meets standard SEO requirements and adjust it accordingly. Start optimizing your content and verify the featured data for rich snippets.
Boost conversions and rankings of your targeted keywords with relevant and qualitative content. These are the kinds of things you will detect with our tool and will be able to fix.

  • Words per page
  • Metas (page title, meta description)
  • Header tags
  • Schema & structured data for featured snippets
  • Open Graph & Twitter cards

Competitive Analysis
Use our comparison tool to get an extensive analysis of your website’s performance. Compare the performance of your website with other scenarios, such as old crawls, log files or top competitors, to have a better idea of the potential that you are missing out on and the results of your existing strategies.

  • Compare your log files with crawls
  • Compare your sitemaps with crawled pages
  • View the evolution of your crawls
  • Compare your website with your competitors

You’ll wish you had this feature before. Generate and refresh all relevant sitemaps that you may require for an ideal interlinking and user navigation in the blink of an eye! You can easily create a file to upload with just a few steps. This is valid for both XML and HTML sitemaps.

  • Generate ready-to-go XML sitemaps for search engines
  • Effortlessly create HTML sitemaps

Mobile SEO
Apart from enabling all the features we’ve mentioned previously for your mobile site, we can also help you develop AMP versions for your top performing pages.
Find out how to be more competitive on the device that outranks desktop searches.

  • Mobile architecture information
  • AMP Analysis

Secure your pages for a safer navigation and have your website prioritized by search engines in the long run. You will have to implement this protocol if you’re running an eCommerce, so you need to make sure it’s deployed correctly.


Analyzing is the first step towards a successful optimization project but reporting is your best ally to track the evolution of your strategies and show off your success will always be accurate, concise and clear reports. Gain your clients’ trust and make your bosses proud with efficient reporting.

  • Export all your data in complete visual SEO reports
  • Custom reports to meet the needs of your project
  • Create Custom Metrics to obtain specific and unique data

Log Analysis
You’re used to crawling websites to fully understand how search engines see you. But how sure are you that search engines see the same data you want them to find? Run our Log Analyzer and discover how they truly see you and how the use the crawl budget.


Page speed analysis
This feature is as important as having good quality content and a great website architecture. No one has time to wait for a website to load, most especially search engines. Use our tool and get the best technical recommendations to reduce loading speed for both mobile and desktop devices.

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