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Working on your own is a great and fun challenge but it can also be exhausting, as you must work on every step of the process by yourself.
Running a website audit or creating an SEO report is usually a manual process that takes a lot of time, and investing in SEO tools to track the changes feels a bit risky, since the number of clients may vary month over month.
Wouldn’t it be great to count with a reliable and affordable web crawler?

What’s the best SEO audit tool for a freelancer?

So, how can you get the best service without losing any money? FandangoSEO enables you to analyze your clients’ websites in depth in order to obtain the key tips in on page optimization and quality reports that will make your SEO services look just like the one offered by the top agencies.
This crawler is made by former freelancers to help you speed up the process while offering the best consultancy at a fairly competitive price, and it’s especially suitable for eCommerce SEO.

What are the key benefits for your business

  • Audit with less effort
    Avoid wasting time and energy with all the manual work: Looking at different sources to collect on page SEO elements and technical issues, drawing graphs to pitch for new projects, listing the necessary fixes to increase a website’s visibility, etc. Use this SEO checker for complete website analysis and reports.
  • Optimize your time
    We know you must invest a lot of time in executing your SEO strategies and looking for new clients. Thus, we have created a very user-friendly platform that will help you save time on analysis to focus on what matters to your clients. The intuitive and easy navigation will allow you to find the information you need in a few clicks
  • Host more clients
    Apart from having more time to pitch for more clients, you’ll also be able to host up to 10 projects at once! This means a total of 150.000 pages crawled a month, which enables you to control a good number of websites. If the SEO freelancer plan isn’t enough for you, there are larger options to match your needs.
  • Provide the best SEO solutions
    The tool gives SEO consultants the broadest list of changes recommended to implement to your websites in order to improve their performance and increase SEO rankings. We also let you spy on one competitor’s site to draw an even more competitive strategy for your top client. (We invite you to check larger plans if you’re interested in tracking more competitors)
  • Get key hints from SEO experts
    Although working on your own as an SEO consultant is fun, there are times when you wish you had a team to comment your strategies with, or even to learn about new algorithm releases or share any news. We assist you on that too, as our tool offers you the features an SEO specialist needs to know.
  • Be a referent in reporting
    Impress your clients with complete, comprehensive and visual reports that will show off all your achievements and minimize your designing efforts, thanks to our SEO reporting tool. From these reports, you can also export the pages that need fixes and track all the changes.

What can FandangoSEO do for my freelancing?

  • Optimize the webpages content
    Understand the current situation of your websites’ content and execute the best SEO copywriting actions to optimize the on-page elements of the texts: From correcting the tags and metas to providing outstanding texts, rich and with a correct keyword density, long enough and without duplicates.
  • Correct the architecture
    Provide the best customer journey to your client’s visitors and search engines thanks to a visual representation of your structure, which will give you the most relevant information about your website depth and interlinking distribution. Find the best balance within your top -and less- strategic pages to optimize the crawl budget and make any small business successful.
  • Offer a top interlinking
    Analyze the outlinks and inlinks to the most valuable pages and list all the anchor texts used. With this tool, you’ll be able to understand the authority given to specific pages and readjust the internal linking according to your strategy. Don’t miss a single orphan or uncrawled page thanks to the log analyzer, and offer a clever interlinking structure.
  • Generate sitemaps
    Create compiling and smart sitemaps automatically with our tool. Thanks to FandangoSEO, you’ll manage to upload HTML and XML sitemaps in a very short time. Collect the pages and… Voilà!
  • Include HTTPS protocols
    We will assist you in setting up this protocol to offer the most secure version of your clients’ websites, highly needed on eCommerce websites. Test and track all the changes to ensure a safe website.
  • Fix crawl errors
    Run technical SEO audits to spot all the errors of a client’s website such as broken links, wrong redirects or 404. You will find the latest SEO recommendations to fix them and have the capacity to create and download customized reports. Besides, you can follow up with the changes using the comparison tool.
  • Optimize for mobile
    Mobile SEO is a must, so be ready for this era! Do all the above for your mobile web: Learn about your mobile architecture and generate AMP to beat all the ranking records.


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