Check how search engines crawl your website

Understanding how search engines interact on your site, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to ensure smooth and efficient crawls by the bots. Find out which areas of your site Google like to visit the most, or else if you’ve got pages that go unnoticed.

Log Analyzer

The Log Analyzer will give you a clear idea of how search engines crawl your site. We can see all the requests (or hits) that your server has received by reviewing the log files. This way you’ll learn how often GoogleBot crawls each of your pages or what status code are they returning to it.

Most Crawled Pages

By understanding which are the most crawled pages of your site, you can verify if your crawl budget is being used efficiently. Are they the most relevant pages of your website? Or maybe you need to make some adjustments to change your “top pages”?

Alert System

Receive email notifications with any change on your SEO metrics. FandangoSEO monitors your SEO 24/7 and sends you periodic alerts so you can quickly address any issue.

Avoid any crawling error

Multiple factors may prevent GoogleBot from crawling your site smoothly. It is the case, for example of orphan pages, redirects, broken links, etc. Detect any issue that makes it difficult for search engines to crawl your site. FandangoSEO tells you what kind of “problem” do you have, indicating the status code a page is returning and where the error appeared. This feature helps you address any crawling issue in no time.

Avoid crawl errors with FandangoSEO

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