SEO Automation

FandangoSEO allows you to automate recurring SEO tasks so you can save time and resources. Boost your productivity and create the best SEO strategy with automation!

What is SEO automation?

SEO automation is about automating those recurring tasks so that an SEO tool does it for you.

An increasing number of tools on the market allow you to automate different SEO tasks. However, the degree of detail they provide may differ significantly.

Few are those that enable you to customize them to your needs or alert you of a specific problem without logging in to the platform. Therefore, we can say that SEO automation can vary greatly depending on the platform you use.

What tasks can you automate with FandangoSEO?

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24/7 SEO Monitoring

FandangoSEO monitors your website 24/7 in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about sudden traffic drops. The alert system that you can configure to your needs sends you email notifications with metric changes automatically.

Leave the tedious task of tracking hundreds of metrics to us and use your precious time to create new effective SEO strategies.

Website Crawler

Schedule your website crawls to be conducted periodically. You can set the maximum page depth level, the number of pages, and the date you want the crawl to be launched. This way, you can quickly and efficiently track your web performance.

Also, you can configure automated reports to obtain data specific to your interest.

Log Analyzer

Keep a close eye on GoogleBot. See how it behaves on your site in real-time or set how often you want to get the data from the FTP.

Make sure that bots are spending your crawl budget efficiently and that your pages return the appropriate status code.

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