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By creating your own unique metric you’ll get data tailored to the requirements of your project. Use custom extraction to obtain insights that add value and facilitates your SEO analysis. There is no metric that you can’t generate. Get creative and listen to what your team or client wants to know. Using customized metrics you’ll always be able to give them the data they are interested in. – You’ll leave them speechless!

custom metrics

How to create Custom Metrics and some common use case examples

Here are two ways you can create custom metrics on FandangoSEO: Extracting data from HTML or importing data using CSV files.

Extracting data from the HTML

Scrape any data from the HTML of a web page using XPath. You’ll obtain custom information from any page that has been crawled. This is also known as custom extraction. With this method, you can obtain an infinite number of insights for your SEO analysis. Some use case examples are the following.

Data extraction from HTML use case examples:

  • Out of stock products
  • Author of the article
  • Empty pages
  • Date of last update
  • Empty category description
  • Number of articles in PLP
  • Pages with SEO widget
  • Publication date

… and the list is endless.

Data injection

By importing data from a CSV to FandangoSEO you can obtain extra insights about your Web performance that require external data to be collected. This allows you to deepen your SEO analysis without limits. Take a look at some use case examples below.

Data Injection use case examples

  • Most popular products
  • Pages with the highest conversions
  • Pages prioritized by SEO

… and the list goes on.

Create a Custom Metric to get ANY insight of your interest!

Don’t put limits to your SEO Analysis

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