Duplicate Content Checker

It has never been easier to detect identical or similar content within a Website. FandangoSEO's duplicate content checker helps you analyze your website content in-depth.

Why do you need the Duplicate Content Checker?

Avoid indexing problems caused by duplicate pages


Duplicate content is defined as blocks of considerable size that repeatedly appear either within the same domain or between different sites.

Having the same or very similar content on various pages often leads to indexing issues. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on them and run SEO content audits regularly. FandangoSEO is the first and only SEO tool on the market today that shows you the duplicate content within your site.

Why use the FandangoSEO Duplicate Content Checker?

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See at a glance the areas of your site that have duplicate or highly similar content. The app shows you the percentage of duplicity that exists between your pages. In this way, you’ll instantly detect the pages that need improvement or require canonical tags.

Optimize the pages with high and medium risk of duplicity and end duplicate content issues.

Custom Segmentation

At FandangoSEO, you can see the risk of duplicity your pages have by segments. Check the percentage of the similarity of your content by page type, section, and page depth level. This way, you’ll know where to start, and you’ll easily find the source that causes duplicity problems on your site.

Use the filters to display the risk of duplication of a particular page type, section, or page depth level. This is especially useful when you are making changes or working on a given area of your site.

Try it Free for 14 Days

Full access to all our features

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