Google Ranking Drop

Your Google ranking dropped dramatically?

First of all, don’t panic! This has happened to all of us who manage a Website. The important thing here is to perform a diagnosis and find the causes of your ranking drop. There are numerous reasons why your SERP ranking may have fallen.

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Let’s identify the main problems so you can get to the TOP of Google search results!


How to fix sudden Website ranking drop

Sometimes, you can experience a drop in SERP position due to changes made on your website. Others, it may be due to a Google penalty, technical issues or simply because the competition is implementing a strong SEO strategy. Perhaps there has been a Google algorithm update.

Use an SEO Crawler to detect SEO errors and confirm that your site is fully accessible to search engine bots.

  • Make sure you don’t have Crawl errors: avoid 301 redirects, pages returning 404 (not found), and 500 (server error) status codes.
  • Investigate the SEO strategies of your competitors.
  • Find SEO content issues: Avoid traffic cannibalization, detect any duplicated pages, check your anchor texts, meta tags, and headers.
  • Examine your Web Architecture: optimize your internal linking and crawl budget
  • Avoid orphan pages
  • Monitor SEO metrics
  • Check your Log files

You can analyze all these points instantly with the FandangoSEO Crawler.


Prevent sudden drop in your ranking position

To prevent a dramatic drop in ranking, you want to avoid Google penalties at all costs. Use an SEO Monitoring Tool to track metrics that affect web performance. This way, you’ll detect any problems before search engines do. Check our Alert System to receive email notifications with metric changes.



Perform an exhaustive SEO diagnosis and get on the TOP of SERPs


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