Google Analytics Integration

What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service in the world. In a few words, it is a free tool offered by Google that helps you track the traffic of your website. Using this tool you can learn your web site’s users behavior, how long they stay at your site, what pages are the most popular, which keywords attract more traffic, etc.

Additionally, you will also see some attributes of your audience such as geographical location, age, gender, and their interests. Another interesting factor that you can obtain from this service is the percentage of device usage (mobile, desktop or tablet) by your audience and their actions according to each type.

Google Analytics is definitely the best tool to learn the flow of your traffic and how you acquire users. You can see through which channel users get to your site, whether it is from organic search, social media or directly. Moreover, it is possible to know the behavior of the users in each channel (bounce rate, page sessions, avg. session duration, etc.).

Another feature to highlight is that you can set up the ecommerce tracking and learn about your digital business. Google Analytics will collect your product sales, purchase amount and billing locations. Using the ecommerce reports you will be able to verify if your marketing campaigns are giving the expected results.


Google Analytics + FandangoSEO



Thanks to the new integration with Google Analytics, you will be able to see relevant information such as session data, visit level or the average of your bounce rate. Understand better your site traffic volume and the popularity of your website.

Additionally, with Google Analytics you will get speed data in your reports. In fact, it will show you two metrics, FCP (First Contentful Paint) and DLC (DOM Content Loaded). These metrics are important for your SEO because Google rates your pages as Fast, Average or Slow based on them. So if FCP and DLC are performing good, the page is considered fast.


Any change or update on Google Analytics will be monitored by FandangoSEO. Get a close track of your Google Analytics data and be always aware of how it varies. You can choose the type of notification you want to receive, configuring the alerts depending on their degree of change in percentage.


All GA metrics will be displayed at FandangoSEO segmented by PageType, Section, and Level or otherwise individually per each page. With this, you will be able to get detailed information for any specific area of your site you wish to study.

Blend Metrics

Furthermore, thanks to this integration you will not only get valuable information from each tool but also new and useful data obtained by the combination of both applications. Get extra detailed data that you can only find through this integration. Use these unique data and customized segments to get useful reports to analyze your site and create effective SEO strategies.



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