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Today more than ever, web developers need to get involved with SEO. As if the development and maintenance tasks were not enough, developers also have to optimize websites, meeting On-Page SEO and technical SEO needs. Search engine optimization is crucial to attract traffic to your website and improve your online presence.

Overcome the Biggest SEO Challenges for Web Developers

Quickly spot website errors that affect SEO
Make your website crawlable

Monitor the URL Inspection Tool’s metrics

Make sure GoogleBot can crawl your JavaScript files

How can FandangoSEO help you?

Quickly spot website errors that affect SEO

FandangoSEO tracks more than 250 SEO metrics and sends you email notifications with its rate of change. Quickly spot any SEO error that may negatively impact your website traffic and rankings.

Fix website errors before search engines notice them.

Make your website crawlable

By using the log analyzer, you’ll be able to inspect if your web pages are accessible to search engines. Instantly detect and fix any crawling error to improve your site’s indexability.

In addition, with the real-time view, you’ll be able to see how GoogleBot is crawling your site at this very moment. Verify if the bot accesses the recently published pages and spends your crawl budget efficiently.

URL Inspection Tool API

Monitor the URL Inspection Tool’s metrics

You can review the status of the URL Inspection Tool metrics and monitor them 24/7 through FandangoSEO. Without leaving the platform, check the most relevant metrics (index status, robots.txt commands, last crawls, mobile-friendliness, etc.).

Additionally, thanks to this integration, you’ll be able to find non-indexed pages that were crawled by the FandangoSEO’s crawler.

JavaScript Crawl

Make sure GoogleBot can crawl your JavaScript files

Easily configure FandangoSEO to crawl your JavaScript. You’ll quickly find out if you have any crawlability issues. Using this feature, you’ll ensure that search engines can index all your javascript content.

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