Audit your content

Wondering if your content is good enough for search engines and users? Analyze your website and get the best tips to start optimizing your content completely. Hunt down duplicates, metas, missing data, keyword density, verify structured data for rich snippets, and track all your other weak spots to improve your site’s search engine optimization.

Provide the best SEO content to your users

Nowadays, providing high-quality content is key to having a well-optimized page. As Bill Gates once said, content is king, and therefore, the core of any on-page SEO strategy.
There is no doubt why the majority of the most successful companies invest so much in generating unique content. Not only is it a good way to get more visitors but also a great opportunity to receive backlinks from strong domains and crosslink throughout your website.

Analyze your content

With FandangoSEO’s crawler, you’ll easily find out whether you’re meeting the SEO requirements or you’re far from offering optimized content to your audience. Explore your data and start fixing and optimizing all the on-page elements related to SEO copywriting:

Header tags analysis

Explore the headers of your webpage to make sure you are displaying unique tags and don’t have duplicate content. Ensure your pages have a correct structure with only one h1 and further headers and introduce related topics and subtopics that tell Google and other search engines what your content is about.

SEO metas

See if your meta tags are well-optimized; make sure every page has a meta title and a meta description, and that they have an appropriate length for SEO, contain enough keywords and are all unique. Remember that this is one of the key elements of on-page SEO.

Words per page

Discover if your page is relevant enough to both your readers and bots. The length of your texts, together with the keyword density, will determine the quality of your content. This is one of the principles of SEO copywriting, as it helps search engines categorize your text into topics, define their quality, and therefore, assign a reputation to your webpage.

Schema & Structured data

Boost your CTR and rankings by highlighting your website on SERPs with extra information. Implement to make your pages more relevant and consequently, get people to click on your page before any other. FandangoSEO helps you check and verify your website’s structured data has been implemented correctly for rich snippets.

Open graph & Twitter cards

Optimize your website for social media by adding the og: property to your code. You can plan to show your pages as rich objects while sharing on the main social channels just by adding some tags, and we will control if these are showing correctly and advise when you may need to add them.

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