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Create the best SEO content to rank high in the SERPs and engage your target audience. FandangoSEO helps you build an effective content strategy that will boost your SEO.

Why optimize your content?

Having your content optimized for both search engines and your target audience is fundamental to driving high-quality traffic to your site.

You need SEO-friendly content to help search engines find and rank your pages high on SERPs. Likewise, you need to provide attractive and engaging information for your target audience to get website visitors that convert.

Our content features will save you time and effort in the writing and optimization process. Make your content search engine friendly, find topics related to your industry, and monitor the updates effortlessly.

Why use FandangoSEO for content optimization?

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Find topics that your target audience loves

See the topics you should be talking about and build effective topic clusters. Our NLP content ideation feature uses machine learning. Choose from multiple languages to find the best topics according to your audience’s geographical location.

Find powerful short and long-tail keywords to rank high. Get inspired by those competitors that are on top of the search results.

Remove duplicate content for better SEO results

Quickly detect duplicate content among your web pages. See those areas of your site with a high risk of duplication.

By eliminating equal or very similar content between pages, you improve your content quality, and the search engines rank you better.

Measure & track your content for SEO

Get an overview of your current content and find areas that need improvement.

Evaluate your content length and detect empty titles and meta descriptions. You’ll quickly find a bunch of pages to enhance your content.

Make your content SEO-friendly

Check those elements that impact your SEO.

Review your anchor texts, meta tags, header tags, etc. Quickly see how you can optimize them to improve your web performance.

Try it Free for 14 Days

Full access to all our features

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