Easily Fix Canonicalization Issues

Why you need canonical tags?

Canonical tags are often used to address various issues that can affect the SEO performance of a website. It is commonly used in situations where we find duplicate pages, expired pages, and page listings. We can use canonical tags to assign a “preferred URL” over another one so that Google takes it into account. Good use of canonical tags helps you improve efficiency in the use of your crawl budget, but it also prevents your website from being considered low quality by Google due to duplicate content.

Solve your Canonicalization Issues?

To see if you have any canonicalization issues on your website, first, you need to know which of your pages have a canonical tag, a self-referential canonical or do not contain any of them. It is something you can instantly check with FandangoSEO.

Implement Canonical Tag Properly

As mentioned before, one of the advantages of using canonical tags is to avoid showing duplicate content to search engines. Use FandangoSEO to quickly identify any duplicate content and assign a canonical tag for a good SEO practice.

Detect any Canonicalization Issues with FandangoSEO

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