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Key Takeaways from Google Webmaster Conference Tel Aviv 2019

Victor Perez Vas

On December 4th, we had the great opportunity to attend the Google Webmaster Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. These conferences are held several times per year around the globe. It provides the most recent & valuable information to SEO’s, Website developers, and digital marketers to improve their Google Search skills.

There is no better place to learn about Google’s upcoming updates & ask for feedback since you are in direct contact with industry experts such as John Muller, and the Google Search Team.

The main topics covered at the WMC were:

Crawling & Javascript

New guidelines for Pagination coming soon after the rel next/prev deprecation

The evergreen GoogleBot

Rendering in 2019 (5 seconds at median) within minutes 90th percentile.

Crawling JS needs Smart SEOS

Performance Matters!

Very Important Slide, if you are not performing well, Google will limit CPU, they interrupt the script and then they will index the page without loading 100%.

Tips for JS sites


During the last months:

  • Rel nofollow is a hint
  • New rel=sponsored, rel=ugc
  • DMOZ / ODP went away
  • Lots of Structured data news

Mobile-first indexing

More than 50% of websites are now in MFI, it seems that during next year they would force to move the 100%.

If you are still with an M-dot site migrate to a single URL (responsive / Dynamic serving) and avoid problems.

Typical Mobile Indexing Issues:

  • Blocked by robots.txt
  • Missing full images, alt-texts, videos
  • Loading on interaction (scroll or click) rather than on page-load.
  • Inconsistent robots meta tags / Structured data.


BERT & Core Updates


The pillars of a Delightful UX are Fast and reliable, Secure, Integrated and Engaged.


Flexible and Robust


  • Use Strong Password using Passphrases and not only Words and save them in a password manager.
  • Enable 2FA Everywhere
  • Use WebAuthn for Websites
  • Implement HTTPS correctly: (2048 bit keys, Use Server-side 301 redirects, don’t block HTTPS pages by Robots.txt and enable HSTS)
  • Keep your systems up-to-date (Servers, Hosting, CMS) and Use Automatic Updates are possible to avoid surprises

Search Console

The Search Console Product and Engineering team was there and explained to us many interesting topics mainly:

To close the recap from Yesterday many thanks to all the Google Search Team for the great afternoon that we spent in the Google Webmaster Conference in Tel Aviv and looking forward to attending other GWC in the near future.

If you have some doubts about the takeaways/recap feel free to comment.

Last Updated on December 5, 2019 by Victor Perez Vas

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