URL Inspection Tool API Integration

Martin Basurco

Google has just released a new API for Search Console – The URL Inspection Tool API. And FandangoSEO is already integrated with it! We are happy to announce that we’ve already incorporated all the data from the URL inspection tool in our monitoring system.

What can you do with the URL Inspection Tool API

So far, there was no way to check the indexed pages without logging into the Google Search Console. However, we now have access to this information thanks to the new API. This is a tremendous advantage for SEO as sometimes, we have pages that are correctly optimized and ready to be indexed, but for some reason, Google does not index. Using the API we’ll be able to identify what the problem is for this to occur.

On the other hand, the URL Inspection Tool API also allows us to verify whether Google follows the guidelines we provide on our site. For example, we can check if Google respects our canonical tag or the meta tags: index, noindex, nofollow, etc.

What can you do with our integration?

FandangoSEO obtains indexed information from the URL Inspection tool so you can check the following status of your page directly on the app. In this way, we can also detect non-indexed pages that the SEO crawler has crawled.

  • The index status of a page
  • The robots.txt command followed by Google
  • The last time Google crawled your site
  • Whether it’s crawled as mobile or desktop.
  • Check if your website is mobile usable or find the fixes you need to make it so.
  • Whether the page has rich snippets (types of rich snippets found for the page)

From now on, FandangoSEO also monitors the changes in these statuses. You’ll get notified, for example, whenever Google deindexes a page that was indexed before.

Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by Victor Perez Vas

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