NLP Content Ideation for SEO

The NLP Content Ideation tool was designed to create SEO content that converts. Generate quality traffic to your website by offering irresistible information for your target audience.

Why use FandangoSEO for content creation?

Create magnetic SEO content and boost website traffic!

Creating content that helps your site rank high in the SERPs is vital for SEO. To that end, you need to accurately choose the right topics on which you’ll invest lots of effort and resources.

The NLP Content Ideation tool includes machine learning technology. Thanks to the Natural Language Processing you’ll get trending subjects that your target audience is currently searching for.

Additionally, you can use the tool to perform SEO keyword research. It provides you with a complete list of keywords you should use to rank your pages high on the SERPs. 

What can you do with the
NLP Content Ideation tool?

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SEO Topic Ideas

Get the best content ideas by the Natural Language Processing machine to create powerful topic clusters. Find subjects that your target audience is searching for at this precise moment. We analyze the Google SERPs in real-time to show you the most cutting-edge topics.

The FandangoSEO's NLP also extracts data from Google News articles. This NLP technology is ideal for publishers to identify key themes and leverage their content.

Keyword Research

Get a list of SEO keywords to rank your content high. See the keywords used by your top competitors who rank in the highest positions of Google. Make sure you also include them in your texts.

SEO Content Audit

Quickly check if your SEO content is ready to rank. We automatically detect if you are missing any relevant keywords on your content. We help you optimize and make your content search engine friendly.


When using the FandangoSEO's NLP Content Ideation tool, you'll need to select your target audience's country and language. This way, we are able to provide you with the best topic ideas according to their language and geographical location.

We currently have the following languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. In addition, you can also select whether you want the search analysis to be done for websites or news.

Try it Free for 14 Days

Full access to all our features

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