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Local SEO makes a huge difference in your search visibility. If you have a physical business, it is something you can’t overlook. Here’s a quick guide to Local SEO with nine actionable tips that will certainly improve your search engine rankings!

What is Local SEO?

Each business has its intricate strategies and methods to scale upwards. Local SEO majorly applies to companies with a physical presence and helps them rank high on search engine results hence competitively standing out from the rest.

If you for a business on a search engine like Google, you will always get three listings at the top, usually known as Google Maps Ranking to help you identify your most viable option. As a business person, having professional local search engine optimization will help your business get to these top positions. To optimize your website or use any local SEO strategy, you must understand how these search engines operate.

Local Business

The Importance of Local SEO

  • Fosters consistency on the NAP (Name, address, phone number): With the right local SEO strategy, you can get the NAP to appear more consistently on all your pages for easier contact by customers and clients. With simple keywords on the search engines, clients can quickly get all your information, including the contact details.
  • Create and optimize platforms such as Google Business Profile: Google Business Profile is the newest local SEO strategy that acts as Google’s yellow pages. Using this page, your clients will get listings and other business information for quick comparison. Even better, it is a perfect tool in confirming a business’ credibility.
  • Get a better grip on customer reviews: The local SEO strategy will help you as a business owner cultivate and monitor customer reviews. Customer reviews are an instrumental aspect in ranking as most clients will look for reviews before making a major purchasing or investment decision. If clients find negative reviews on your website, they may steer clear, and this may result in non-productivity. As a business owner, getting a local SEO expert allows you to grip your client reviews better.


Top 9 Ways to Optimise for Local SEO

Local SEO helps search engine users find everything they are looking for near them. It is an investment that every business should make. Let’s explore the tips for optimization.

Local SEO

Get Your Homepage Optimised

Your homepage is where your clients will first land when they visit your website. It should contain details showing who you are as a company, the location, as well as what you do. This makes the search engine get a better understanding of your business. When including these details, you must use the page’s title tag, header tags, and a clear meta description.

Get Your Metadata Right

While the debate on the relevance of the Metadata remains, it is crucial to include these details for easy finding. These title tags should include the name of the city you intend to focus on as well as the products and services you offer.

Get a Page for Each Product, Service, and Location

For better organization, you must have each of the entities on their own. Instead of putting a page with ‘Our Services,’ you can disintegrate each of them so that if a client requires ‘Web Design,’ they know where to find the prompt. The same case applies if they want ‘Marketing’ services. It becomes easier to rank with these unconsolidated pages.

Get a Google Business Profile Page

Google Business Profile is Google’s version of ‘Yellow Pages’. When you have your place, clients can quickly find you and do business with you. As long as you correctly optimize your website, you shouldn’t be scared of the many businesses listed in the ‘Google Business Profile’.

Get Your NAP Citations Right

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. When optimizing your websites, you must check these details and make sure that they are correct. They should appear in the same way for all your pages.

Understand the Importance of Reviews

In this day and time, nothing beats reviews. Clients will always check for reviews before buying anything on your page or site. As such, you need to come up with strategies to help you foster reviews. Encourage them to leave reviews on the website or site to help you even rank higher. If they leave a positive review, thank them for working with you and invite them for another purchase. You should address the issue they point out if the review is negative.

Get Your Social Media Signals

Social media is another beautiful place to maximize on. If your business is not on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you are losing out on clients.

Take Advantage of Local Business Directories

Local business directories will also play a vital role in optimizing your website. While it can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming, it is a worthwhile idea.

Improve your website’s EAT

There is no doubt that you must optimize any website for the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Still, you need to keep in mind additional aspects when it comes to improving Google’s E-A-T for local businesses.

In other words, when performing local SEO, there are several factors related to E-A-T you can focus on. Following, you can find some examples.

  • Avoid the Pogo-Sticking effect: when a user enters your site and quickly returns to the SERP to click on another site. This may damage your authority. Make sure your pages are aligned with the user intent and offer what the reader is searching for.
  • Being active on community sites that ranks high may show google that you are an expert in your field.
  • Get links from high-quality local sites to improve your authority
  • Define category and service on Google Business Profile to clearly state your industry.
  • Local citations and business reviews from sites like Facebook and Yelp may demonstrate how customers trust you.
  • Having images on GMB shows that you are an expert, and pictures uploaded by users increase your authority.
  • Hours of operation can also become a sign of your expertise.
  • Using localbusiness schema, you make it clear that you are a particular physical business.
  • Responding to GMB Q&As could increase both Expertise and Authority.

These strategies can seem challenging at first. If you need help, get a local SEO expert to optimize your website and get faster results on Google’s local ranking.

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