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Make UX and SEO work together to provide better experiences. 

Google undoubtedly looks for user-friendliness when ranking websites, and most of the signals it uses concern both UX and SEO. FandangoSEO allows you to run complete SEO audits focused on the UX.

Overcome the Biggest SEO Challenges for UX Designers

Don’t let SEO errors harm the UX

Boost your organic traffic with top content

Create an exceptional website structure for greater UX

Don’t let duplicate content break UX

Speed up your site to provide the best page experience

Deliver impressive mobile experiences

How can FandangoSEO help you?

Don’t let SEO errors harm the UX

FandangoSEO monitors more than 250 SEO metrics on your site 24/7. It sends you email notifications with metric rate changes. 

Spot any critical issues that may affect the user experience and take the necessary actions to address them ASAP.

Boost your organic traffic with top content

Find the content that most interests your target audience. The NLP content ideation tool, as its name suggests, provides you with content ideas according to the topic, the language, and the geographical location of your audience.

Create effective topic clusters with high-quality content and drive more traffic to your website!

Create an exceptional information architecture for greater UX

No matter the size of your website, through the Architecture Map, you can see your website structure on a single screen.

Check whether your content is classified in a clear and understandable way. Find opportunities to improve your linking structure and ensure that users easily find what they are looking for.  

Don’t let duplicate content break UX

Using the Duplicate Content Checker, you’ll quickly identify those areas of your site with a high risk of being considered duplicates by search engines.

Take the necessary actions to solve duplicate content issues. FandangoSEO also allows you to check the canonical tags and redirects to ensure correct implementation.

Speed up your site to provide the best page experience

See your website’s Core Web Vitals performance. Quickly spot any page or areas of your site in need of improvement.

FandangoSEO shows you which pages have good, average, or poor performance and which type of metrics (FCP, LCP, FID, CLS) you need to optimize.

Deliver impressive mobile experiences

Make sure you optimize your site for mobile-friendly SEO. Check your mobile web performance, the site structure, and many other key SEO elements that affect UX.

Easily configure the crawls for your mobile site to run complete SEO audits.

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